All the applicants have to turn in all the required documents to IAVI by the appointed day by International mail.

    If you have any request or question on the due date and other way to handing in, please contact us directly.


    必要書類 Requirements

    ※全ての書類を漏れなくご記入ください。  All the documents need to be fully filled in

    応募用紙  Application Form
    個人情報記入用紙  Personal Imformation Sheet
    健康申告シート  Health Claim Sheet
    点字作文  Short Essay in Braill(志望動機や将来の夢  Your motives and/or dreams)
    作文の読み上げCD(Audio speech of the essay recorded in a CD)
    身分証用写真  ID Photos(30mm×40mm , 2枚  2pieces)


    病院から  from hospital

    健康診断書  Health Certificate
    個人情報記入用紙  Personal Imformation Sheet
    (肝炎検査、体重、身長、血圧、脈 blood check, Hepatitis A, B, C, weight, hight, blood pressure, puls)
    眼科診断書  Health Certificate on your Eye condition
    (詳細は以下を参照 please refer to below)

    the certificate has to show your current eye condition
    the certificate has to clearly state the cause, and its time(year or age) of the applicant's visual impairment
    the certificate has to clearly state the age of the applicant when one's impairnment was stabilized


    卒業高校から  from high school / college

    卒業証明書  Diploma
    成績証明書  Transcript / School record
    校長先生からの推薦書  Recommendation letter from the school principal

       Applicant needs to have finished 12-years education at the time of application.

    If applicant has graduated from college, please ask college to send the above documents.
    If applicant is still in college, please hand in the school registration certificate.
    Please contact us if you have any question (phone:81-3-5392-4002)